The choices now available for group health plan sponsors are numerous. Voluntary benefits are a great way for an employer  to allow employees to select coverage they feel are important without any premium contribution by the employer. Voluntary benefits now include among other things: dental, disability, cancer, accident, long-term care and life coverage.

Group health coverage is also available in many different forms (traditional benefit plans, large deductible fully insured, limited benefit and partially self-funded). Some of these offer tremendous flexibility and control of group health benefits.

Who CPM Covers

Are you tired of having someone else with no interest in your employees mandating what coverage you will offer as part of your package? Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to tailor-make a program that would fit your employees’ specific needs?

The experts at CPM help you build cost effective benefits packages that are second-to-none.

CPM offers you the flexibility to design you own employee benefits package. We help you create the best health plan specific to your group needs. You get to choose from a wide array of voluntary benefits that your employees can elect (and pay for) themselves. The experts at CPM help you build cost effective benefits packages that are second-to-none. You and your employees will benefit from the flexibility and service that sets CPM apart.

What CPM Offers

You are faced with numerous options for setting up your employee benefits. The cost of providing healthcare continues to escalate and there are fewer carriers available than in the past.

By partially self-funding your medical benefits, you get to take control of your benefits.

You can purchase group health coverage through a fully insured carrier, or you can elect to partially self-fund your group health coverage. Partially self-funding is an excellent way to take full advantage of good claims experience. Insurance coverage is put in place to protect the plan in the event your group were to have unusual claims utilization overall and against catastrophic claims on any individual. These are packaged together to provide excellent protection for employers.

By partially self-funding your medical benefits, you get to take control of your benefits. You have the opportunity to fund the plan in a way that makes the most sense for your specific situation and your benefit dollars.

You are provided with up to date information regarding claims utilization; no more waiting for extended periods for claims data. Additionally, you are notified of high claims usage. This is all a normal part of the outstanding customer service offered by CPM.

Why CPM Is the Best Choice

CPM puts all of its pieces together to make your benefits package the employee benefit it is intended to be.

  • SERVICE – A corporate philosophy and commitment to employer and employee service that is unmatched in our industry.
  • FLEXIBILITY – You can take advantage of the expertise offered by CPM employees to design your plan to best fit your specific group needs. There are no mandated benefits schedules that you must adhere to.
  • CASH CONTROL OPTIONS – You decide how you want to finance your benefits package. There are many options for your consideration, one is sure to fit your own specifications.
  • COMPETITIVE RATES – CPM works with a number of quality insurers to help you obtain fair rates year after year. In the event a change in carriers is necessary, the transition is smooth and virtually invisible to your employees.
  • UTILIZATION REPORTS – You are presented with weekly and monthly updates of claims utilization so you are aware of how your plan is doing and of any problem areas immediately.

How to Get Started

To find out more about the advantages of partially self-funding and partnering with CPM call 800.999.1781 A proposal can be prepared for your consideration with the following information:

  • EMPLOYEE CENSUS – Date needs to include age/date of birth, sex, coverage (single/family/etc) and location.
  • BENEFIT INFORMATION – Your current and/or desired deductible, co-insurance, co-pay information. Do you have a preferred PPO Network? Is there any other coverage you would like quoted? Life, disability, etc?
  • CLAIMS INFORMATION/RATE HISTORY – Paid claims information to be included (if possible): month by month paid claims, monthly employee counts and large claim information to include diagnosis and prognosis.
  • RATE HISTORY – Current and renewal rates are most helpful to our underwriters. This information can sometime be substituted for groups under 100 lives that cannot get claims data.